Gurusoft has a help desk organized with various levels of escalation and a telephone exchange for reporting incidents.


Customer Service 8×5 or 24×7
according to the selected plan.

Level Support Team
1,2 and 3 to attend to



Web Portal for
incident reporting

E-mail notifications when
cases are updated in the support
portal by the customer or
assigned agent.
This portal can be used to report Queries,
new requirements or incidents.


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the electronic invoicing project in the Cloud for YOUR COMPANY is established at 99.5% and includes: maintenance, specialized security support, hardware, communications and operating system.

I. The window is coordinated with the client when the application is changed, there will always be previous versions of eDoc in the servers of the SUPPLIER.

II. In case of a change in infrastructure or security patches for the operating system, the client will be notified of the service window schedule required for this change 24 hours in advance.

It should be noted that the Service Level Agreements presented only apply to the software and hardware provided by the SUPPLIER. There are several factors that may alter the proper functioning of the service provision.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) offered for all components of the Cloud infrastructure + Administration + Electronic Billing Software for YOUR COMPANY meet a combined 99.5% uptime from the bottom layer to the database engine layer when applicable.
0.5% Unavailability = up to 43.2 hours per year, non-continuous (3.6 hours per month).

Priority 0 (MAJOR): The reported error presents a problem that stops the flow completely…

Priority 1 (HIGH): Problems that allow trials to continue despite being detained. YOUR COMPANY.

Priority 2 (MEDIUM): Problems that affect processes independent of the main flow.

Priority 3 (LOW): Verify what the service ticket relates to, whether it is considered an unanticipated change, whether it is considered a request for a change and whether it should be escalated to a Project Manager for processing.